Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy, just as we care about our own.

We do not develop products that spy on your likes or dislikes, activities & interests, or hobbies and favorites. Many apps on the market request over 15 permissions from you when you are installing them. Often, people forget to examine the permissions being requested before continuing to install the application. This results in a very easy way to request every permission available, and prowl around your device and return the data to the creator of the software for their monetary gain.

Our requests are usually pretty simple. We have to obtain permission to use Internet services, as well as the Get Accounts permission so that we can identify our users, and then the basic permissions that are required to do anything the app needs to do. One of those permissions is Modifying Files/SD Card Content, which allows our product to save something for you, when you request that it be saved (e.g., a coloring book page that your child is proud of and wants to save).

In short, our permissions should only add up to about 4-8 per application. If you see 15+ permissions in other apps, it generally means that someone is requesting the ability to spy on your activity, and that information is usually distributed to other companies in the background, for some sort of monetary gain.

Don't be afraid of permission requests on applications, just take a second look if anything seems suspcious (which, again, usually comes in the form of requesting a very high number of permissions).

1up Creative Group respects your privacy, your identity, and considers every piece of information important, and will never distribute that information for any reason, unless required by law (at best, that information would amount to your email address).

We have not emailed any of our users, though at some point in the future, we do intend on emailing to let our users know that they can sign up to receive further occasional emails from us after that.

We want our users to feel safe, and at ease when using our products, and would never do anything to violate that trust.

Refund Policy

If you purchase a product from us, and for some reason you are unable to use that product, we will refund your money if it is something we cannot fix within a reasonable amount of time. We work hard to deliver products to you that are worthwhile, and appreciate your support!

In order to initiate the repair or refund process, please provide us with the error message you receive when using the purchased product. Email with the details. We also ask that you provide an error report, where available, by choosing "Send Report" on the force-close dialogs that you may be presented with.

Thank you for choosing 1up Creative Group.